New! 2017 Rush Christmas Ornament

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It's Rush's Best Christmas Ornament Ever!

Spread holiday cheer this year by putting a little Limbaugh on your Christmas tree.

This handsome, hand-made Rush Christmas Ornament is the perfect way to celebrate the holiday season. Specially designed for Rush Limbaugh and his fans, the Rush Christmas Ornament is crafted with the American flag. This heirloom, forged in aluminum, is made in America. It carries Rush Limbaugh's holiday wish for you and your family.

Let your 2017 Rush Christmas Ornament shine on your Christmas Tree. It also makes a wonderful stocking stuffer gift for those you love.

Your 2017 Rush Christmas Ornament is crafted in the USA by Wendell August Forge, which operates the largest and oldest forge in the United States. Each ornament is hand-wrought, using an eight-step process with roots in ancient metalworking techniques. Each ornament is crafted by American metalworkers who take great pride in their work. .

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